As the blogging epidemic continues…

Not the Original owner of this drawing...however, too funny not to share.
Not the Original owner of this drawing…however, too funny not to share.

It’s clear to see that blogging is a huge phenomenon! Apparently, I underestimated the usefulness of The Blog! This is kind of odd because I love writing poetry and love writing. How in the world did I miss how well matched The Blog and I were! And after reviewing several websites such as and, I see now how important it is to have some sort of published word thing.

I would like to say that I have always thought blogging was a super cool thing to do. However, I did not. Very adamantly, I believed it was um, shall we say, a pretty lame thing to do. A waste of useful time, maybe? I mean, who sits around their computer writing about miscellaneous stuff? What is this Myspace?!? And then I left my great paying job… and became a full time ‘broke’ college student who has no time for a regular job.

What am I doing now? Sitting at the computer writing …about miscellaneous stuff…

And rightfully so! There is so much to write about and so much that needs to be said! Blogging is about people’s experiences and looking at life through someone else’s eyes. Need a new perspective? Read a blog written by a cancer survivor! Reading about walking in someone else’s shoes will change the way you see things. Feel rushed and out of breath? Read the description of a rose by someone who loves roses. It will remind you why you need to slow down! Sometimes life is just too much, need an outlet? Talk to God… and then write a blog!

Although, it’s said that the internet has made the world very small, I disagree! It has opened up the doors and windows to the world. And blogging is just one of the windows!

So now I will say touché (and I’m sorry) to my fellow bloggers who were the target of several of my very funny jokes…

Yes, People… I almost missed the boat!

“This is conclusion of my first unorganized blog… ever!” “Thank you…Transmission over” 


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