Career Choice: Mommy

OK… so when did it become so wrong to be a mom? How is staying at home raising your children going to turn back the hands of time and crush everything the Women’s Suffrage worked towards?

The Feminist Movement opened up a new world for women. We are allowed to vote and work alongside with our men. We can hold office and be more than just homemakers. These rights have given women the opportunity to be anything!

I applaud you spirited ladies of the Women’s Suffrage! Thanks to you I can go to work and be somebody when I grow up!

we can do it lady 1930s

However, I wonder if during all those courageous battles, we somehow let a very important aspect of being a woman slip through? Did we trade motherhood, in its entirety, for careers? Did we accidentally (or maybe purposely!?!) label homemakers as stupid, silly women?

Working is a way of life for most of us. The Bible says you don’t work, you don’t eat! And especially in this very tough economy, most households have to have to two incomes.

(Example: Tuna used to be $.50 or below and now it’s a $1 something. Talk about inflation!)


Yet, if you look at our society and the increase in teenager pregnancies and generations living on welfare, it is clear that something went wrong. So as more and more women have gone to work and become main bread providers, who’s at home nurturing our children? Who’s teaching the girls to act like little ladies?

I believe that when women went to work full time, the universe became slightly unbalanced!

And I do understand that so many men have allowed cowardice to settle in their hearts, therefore forcing women to work or else… starve. I was a single mom for 10 years. Head of the household was something I prided myself in! Every year, I attended Donuts with Dad and Muffins with Mom at the kid’s school. I bravely faced the stares of other Dad’s and Mom’s. And I also bravely shielded my heart as my children would look around, slightly ashamed, and see that I was the only Mommy eating donuts. However, that was all I could do because I was also a full time worker too. I missed every field trip and could not become a PTA parent. I also had to allow my children to spend an additional 4 hours a day after school with another set of strangers. When I got home, it was time to cook, help with homework, take showers, clean up and then time for bed. Every minute was valuable. Where was the nurturing time? I always felt like I was more of a dad. It seems as if I had been cheated the opportunity to be a mommy.

So for the reasons notated below, wife… mom… homemaker… be content and don’t let the world tell you lies!

Being a stay at home mom is one of the best things you can do for your kids! In a time when the world is in such chaos, your children NEED as much positive influence as possible. Especially during the impressionable ages, which I have come to believe, is up until their 30s!

Being a stay at home mom does not make you any less of a person! You are as dumb as you choose to be. Just because you stay home does not mean you cannot personally grow. There are so many ways you can enrich yourself. Take cooking classes! Learn to sew! Paint a self-portrait! Find a neighbor who could really use a cup of coffee and a piece of pie!

Is it so wrong to care about someone else more than yourself?

Being a stay at home mom is an honor! What a great feeling it is for my children and husband to come home to a warm and freshly cooked meal? To be able to sit down and know that the pile of laundry is DONE! That your weekend are free and the only boss you answer to is your hubby! And it’s okay, if he’s the boss! That doesn’t make you less than him. You were both created equal but the Bible does say that man is the head of the house.

I’m thirty, I paint, sew, bake, knit, invent, and love my children. I file taxes to assist my husband with the bills and it doesn’t interfere with my newly acquired homemaking skills! I’m not saying I won’t have to go back to work eventually!

The cost of tuna is still rising, you know!!!inflation shark

Regardless of society’s views, we need more dads to be dads…good ones. So more moms can be moms…good ones!


3 thoughts on “Career Choice: Mommy

  1. Right on!! Thanks so much, sometimes I start to feel as though I’m not a major contribution because I’m not bringing in an income. Thank you for reminding me that my contribution is invaluable. My husband tells me this but I think he just likes being taken such good care of 😉

    1. No problem! I know being at home can be stressful too but women did it years ago. And if you have any kind of skill you can bring in some income. Youtube crafts and you will see so many different things you can do! Jean purses are a hit everywhere. Add a couple of tassels and some lace and you are in there!

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