Sometimes… I feel like a teenager trapped in a world created by my own bad decisions.

Sometimes… the walls close in all around me and it gets hard to breathe.

Sometimes… I wish the time would stop moving so I could move forward.

Sometimes… I wish I could see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Through the eyes of someone who feels loved and cherished.

What a wonderful feeling that must be….

To smile in the rain and cry tears of joy during a beautiful beach sunset.

To dance a beautiful waltz in the middle of the day or make passionate love during a violent thunderstorm.

Sometimes… I wish the world was smaller so I could feel bigger.

I wish the illusions in my mind were realities and the fears in my realities were only dreams.

Sometimes I wish I could be glad to be alive so I wouldn’t feel so dead…

Sometimes… I wonder.

{I wrote this many ages ago when life became just a little to hard to bear. Before I realized that my Jesus was not just there sometimes, He was there all the time!}

sometimes inspiration


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