Education: Officially Stopped in The Classroom

Remember the days when you had points deducted because your handwriting sucked?

Not any more!

It seems as if school has become more of a fun place to hang out and go to field trips. Teachers are no longer really in control of what they teach. They are given a set curriculum and that’s what they stick to. If one student is quicker than the rest, he is supposed to simply sit there with his fingers crossed and wait for everyone else.

Good luck trying that with an energetic 2nd grader!

And if a student is a little slower to catch on than the average, then he needs to be tested for the ‘Special Kids’ class. He doesn’t get extra help, he just gets the Special Kid label, the imaginary helmet and a ride on the exaggerated short bus.

I remember when I used to go to school, the teachers had room for adjustment. She had the power to adjust the class work to suit each child. And she had the desire to cultivate each little mind! 

My elementary school teacher would place us in groups and see who was struggling where. Then she would divide us evenly and make sure she placed one advanced student in each group. That advanced student then was given the liberality to assist the other students who needed a little extra help, at their level. This cultivated leadership and a sense of citizenship among the classroom. There was no teasing allowed… no air of superiority was allowed to take root!

Elementary school was awesome! The experience was forever ingrained positively in my mind. I learned to lead, respect others and even humility. There was always going to be someone smarter than me and someone who could use my help.


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