No New Year’s Resolutions For Me!

This is the time of the year when everyone is super enthusiastic about change in their lives. The New Year always bring about the feeling of a slate being wiped clean. All of Last Years drama has been left behind and we can start fresh!

There is only one problem with that….

You will still be there and your habits won’t change overnight!

We always believe that maybe if we move to a new place or change our environment, we will automatically become this new person. Yet, we still forget that we still are bringing our old habits into this new environment. Change takes large amounts of effort and determination.

So for this year, I have decided to established some determinations and I will’s instead of resolutions!

List of New Year’s determinations and I will’s:

  • Health
    1. I will no longer try and lose weight. Instead, I have determined to eat less processed food and walk through the fresh section of the grocery store more often.
    2. I will to stop blaming my kids for why I didn’t exercise. Instead, I have determined to work out after they have gone to sleep or make them my workout buddies. 
    3. I will start making a grocery list and stop winging it at the store.
    4. I will eat breakfast. (Seems like a given but let me tell you, it’s a doosy sometimes trying to eat. Sometimes before I notice it, it’s lunch time and I completely forgot to eat breakfast!)
    5. I will drink more water!!!!
  • Children
    1. I will say I love you more!
    2. I am determined to listen more, even if my son has the ability to talk for 30 minutes without taking a breath!
    3. I will make my girls a dress!
    4. I will make my son his Halloween costume this year!
    5. I have determined that I will play and laugh more.
    6. I will take more pictures!
  • Marriage
    1. I will say “I’m proud of you!” more.
    2. I will love more passionately than before!
    3. I will watch what I say with my mouth and with my body language.
    4. I will talk less…
  • Home
    1. I will decorate even though we are moving soon!
    2. I will paint the walls! White is so out!
    3. I will sew curtains!!!!!
  • Life
    1. I will praise God more!
    2. I will tell more people about my Jesus who saved my soul.
    3. I will smile more often at more people!
    4. I will give away more cups of sugar!
    5. I will paint again!
    6. I will save money!
    7. I am determined to become an optimist again!

With that being said, I wish everyone a prosperous and magnificent New Year!

May you accomplish ALL of your goals this year!


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