Forgiveness…yeah, I said it!

What a tough word! It’s always a hard one to swallow. It requires you to put your pride down and eat a lot of humble pie sometimes. Asking for forgiveness is especially hard when the situation wasn’t your fault… Well, not completely anyways! Throughout my life, there have been many painful and harsh episodes that […]

I Am Your Disease…

Hello friend, I hate anyone who has a program. To all of you who come in contact with me, I wish you death and suffering. Allow me to introduce myself… I am the disease of addiction. I am cunning, baffling and powerful. That is me. I have killed millions and I am please. I love […]

Addiction…from a love point of view.

There it is again… that itch… that need… that uncontrollable desire… It’s time for another hit. If you could only do it one more time, then all the pain would go away. You’re not an addict… you’re just a habitual user. It just so happens that this habit takes up a lot of your time and money. […]